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Free Account and Paid Account

In this website, you can identify two types of member accounts. You should have a knowledge of these accounts.

  1. Free Account
  2. Paid Account

The differences of these account types

Free Account

When you register in this website for free, you will have an account. It is called as Free Account. You no need to pay for Free Account.

The benefits of Free Account.

  1. Post your marriage proposal advertisement.
  2. Customer Agents Support.

Paid Account

All the members having Free Accounts can upgrade their accounts to Paid Accounts. To upgrade you need to pay for it. More details can be seen under Payments link of Sub Menu List.

The benefits of Paid Account.

You will have the following benefits including all the free account benefits.
  1. View your complete profile.
  2. Send emails to all the members.
  3. Receive emails from all the members.
  4. View others profiles with contact details.
  5. Edit your profile advertisement.
  6. Edit username & password.
  7. Change profile picture.
  8. Delete profile picture.
  9. Hide complete profile.
  10. Display telephone numbers to the public.
  11. Display email address to the public.
  12. Delete your profile from the system.

If you are unable to use the above, The agents of Expresslanka Marriage Proposals Service will do it for you.

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