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Before registering in this website you should keep in mind the requirements given bellow. If someone is unable to agree to these requirements, we strongly advice you not to register in our website. There are so many websites online you are facilitated to publish any kind of advertisements, use such kind of websites to accomplish your target.

Our website is monitored by a special police investigation team to reduce illegal and criminal activities. These kinds of acts will increase the credibility of those who have registered in this website and uplift the benefits of its users.

To complete your registration, your own photo graph should be uploaded to the website registration form. The photograph should have the following requirements.

Photo size should be less than 200 kb.

Photo width and height should be 350 px and 500 px.

The photo should be clear and your own.

You can easily crop your photograph using our Online Photo Crop Editor. More details can be available through video lesson. Please click the link bellow to go to

Online Photo Crop Editor

When you fill in our registration form, it must be necessary to give true and accurate details of you. If someone try to provide false facts, such activities are considered as an illegal attempt.

All fields are required. Uncompleted forms cannot be submitted.

One person is allowed to submit only one profile. Duplicate profiles are not allowed.

The persons who extremely need to get engaged with are allowed to register in this website.

The persons who have other kinds of desires are strongly advised not to register in our website. If found such persons, legal actions are taken against them.

Following details are not published and handed over to any other parties. They are protected according to our privacy policy.

Full Name

National Identity Card Number (NIC)

Permanent Address

These kind of contact details are published according to your agree. To display, we charge for those details. For more details, visit our payment page.

Telephone number

Mobile number

Email address

If someone wishes to publish a profile without a photograph, and without discovering contact details to public, such kinds of profiles are allowed in this website. To get that facility, please contact us by email.

If you are a bride or groom and want to register in the website, you can click the following link to view the Registration Form. All the fields are required.

Registration Form

You are feel free to browse our website and contact us for any clarification or in need of any additional information. We assure you highly confidential, trusted and dignified service to make your future brighter.

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