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Our website offers you the best to find your life partner. In this endeavor, we work hard for you and pay lots of money for maintaining our website services. Therefore, we have to take a payment from you to recover these kinds of expenses. Our website is updated daily basis.

Dialog eZ Cash

We charge Rs 1800 for one year registration on our website. The payment can be paid through Dialog eZ cash to the mobile number 0771030447 from any communication center, Cargills food city, Keells Super center, dialog arcades etc. (payment should be paid as a money transfer)

PaymentRs 1800
To the mobile No:0771030447 or 0772 773 740
ThroughDialog eZ cash
FromAny communication.. etc.

When sending eZ cash payment to us, the sender will receive a PIN with 14 numbers. Then you should ask for the RN PIN and write down it clearly on a paper to confirm that you are the right owner of the eZ cash payment.

After completing your payment to us, you should send that RN PIN (with 14 numbers) through your mobile phone as an SMS to 0772773740 or give a call to 0772773740 and confirm your RN PIN to us.

If you are in overseas country, your payment can be paid through Papal. The payment of $ 15 is charged for one year registration.

As soon as you complete your payment to us, you must confirm it to us through sms or a phone call. Then your Free Account will be upgraded to Paid Account.

How to make Payment in Sinhala

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